• The Distressed Rug, Carpet or Kilim

    March 06, 2024 1 min read

    The lifelong joy of acquiring a genuine hand-woven oriental rug that catches your eye, something that talks to you and your senses. The Antique Knot curates only authentic unaltered rugs, carpets, and kilims. There is no substitute for the creation of patina, a mellowing of natural dyes that the weaver selected. The Antique Knot hand washes every weaving we offer removing compacted fibers and particles then prewashed to remove old detergent soap 99 percent of all the rugs we handle. Now enabling the weaving to pop to a museum quality finish. It is all about the wool and dyes that weaver selected to create their masterpiece.

    We now bring to your attention a phenomenon permeating the oriental rug markets. Distressed rugs and carpets of no great age or merit, then the shaving of the pile and subjected to multiple acid/chemical washes, re-washed and sun baked for extended periods. Shaving clips of the wool fiber down to the foundation (a bald tire). It cannot shimmer, reflect light or glow anymore. You can feel the abrasive knots walking barefoot. The acid/chemicals corrode and dull original colors to seek that elusive natural look. They failed, the carpet is dead, evoking nothing. Most important is if you bought it, the is no investment value, but only a toxic/hazardous carpet your family and pet lives on.

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