Our Rugs and Kilims

Our collection spans thousands of antique rugs and is one of the largest and most diverse known private collections in the world. Our main focus is on pieces that are more than 100 years old, but with a penchant for rugs from the early 1800s-1900s. The rugs and kilims we offer fall into the antique category. All major weaving regions are represented in our collection, including Persian, Caucasian, Central Asian, Turkish Anatolian (Kilim), and Chinese to name a few. These are all high-quality hand-made pieces that have been crafted to stand the test of time, and each rug is one of a kind with unique characteristics.

None of our pieces are reproductions, and we don’t sell anything on behalf of 3rd parties. Our entire collection is handpicked from our sources all over the country and have all gone through the same rigorous process described below. The extensive and diverse nature of the collection makes it easy to find a piece that resonates with your taste, just like it did to the weaver long ago.


Our Process

We are constantly looking to add highly distinguished pieces to our carefully curated collection.



Each carefully selected piece in The Antique Knot collection has gone through a rigorous due diligence process. The most important part of this process is documenting the following:

a. Materials   |   b. Motifs   |   c. Age   |   d. Origin   |   e. Condition



When pieces are added to our collection, we hand-wash them individually using a proprietary museum quality washing technique. We always use natural and organic supplies, which ensures that your rug will look vibrant and fresh. Our proprietary cleaning process is best in class, and we have decided to offer cleaning as a standalone service. Please get in touch with us for a quote.



All our rugs are safely stored in a clean environment in our secure facility in order to make sure the rugs and kilims are stored and handled with utmost care. Our choice to not use a conventional fulfillment center is also why it may take a few extra days for us to ship the rugs.

The product selection on our website only represents a fraction of our available inventory. If you are looking for something in particular, feel free to reach out and we may have exactly the rug or kilim you have in mind.