• 3’8” X 1’10” X 1’11” 19th Century Antique Yomud Chuval [RR-0118]

    Antique Yomud Chuval. 19th Century. It is rare to find complete storage bags as many have been dismembered due to harsh conditions of seasonal migration. Sides feature a stepped hooked gul. Rear shows nine transverse bands, four major and five minor. Retains original leather seam reinforcements, handles, and brass buckle straps. 7 colors including green. 3’8” x 1’10” x 1’11”. Delicately hand washed. We offer a pair (one shown here) sourced 35 years ago from original family descendant. Please see Tribal Rugs by Brian MacDonald - Plate 18, Pg 50.