Antique Yomud Kilim 6'0" x 10'7"

Collector's Notes 

This antique Turkmen Yomud Kilim (Palas) was woven in the late 19th Century. Here the weaver’s fine needlework of light blue green lattice frame both the larger indigo hooked 'kochak' motifs and interconnecting madder red diamonds with varying centers. Large striped flatwoven ends show spaced amulets on a rich eggplant purple brown attributed to the Yomut/Yomud. Great kilim rug for defining larger spaces.

Age: Circa 1875-1900
Origin: Turkmen
Style: Yomud/Yomut
Dimensions: 6'0" x 10'7"

Condition: Excellent condition considering age. Soft, leathery handle. Shiny wool.
Color Palette: 5 colors including red, blue, ivory, and purplish brown

Composition: 100% wool

One of a kind antique rug, handwoven and handknotted.

Carefully cleaned by hand using our proprietary technique with organic and natural supplies.