• 5’0” X 3’3” Antique Herat Timuri Rug [RR-0123]

    Antique Timuri. Rare Herat Timuri - Northwest Afghanistan. a sampler records ancient tribal symbols woven into a rug. If not preserved for future generations, they can vanish. a fine ivory border and blue medical border outline the center panel. Three Ashik, 8 sided sawtooth medallions enclose a gul found on Timuri carpets. The center Ashik is different. The conjoined ’s’ motifs are found on Mushwani Group rugs. a dragon element opposing it is suggested with a Totemic like goddess appearing in the center. Please note, the ’s’ filled hexagons encountered in Early Timuri weavings normally form a tile or gul. Here in the main border they are 5 sided and are pinwheels or rosette form. They also fill the four corners of the frame reinforcing the dragon element. a honeycomb design at top forms a panel which is typical of Dokhtor-I-Ghazi weavings. The main border is reminiscent of a turkoman main carpet, rendered in an archaic manner. Please note the Zoomorphic creatures with arms out stretched on the left side appearing in blue green. Original kilim ends and 4 cord selvage. 7 colors. Even wear. 5’0” X 3’3”. Delicately hand washed.