• 6'4" X 3'5" Timuri Sangtschuli Khorasan Mashad [SH-181]

    Timuri Sangtschuli Khorasan Mashad. Torbat-e-Djam Circa 1880. In the book Belutsch-Tradition Siawosch Azadi, page 168,169 plate 41. We find a twin that differs only in three details and one new observation. Our weaving in the main border shows a two-component design of a bird's head. Cross diamond with alternating opposing Ram's horn segmented diamond center. Our weaving is a more dynamic zig/zag chevron inner border that imparts acceleration (R. Markarian). Lastly, the tribal gols paralleling the tree trunk and several different ones.

    Azadi 5 ours 6. We note branches extending from half-medallion-tipped with willow leaf form compartments of 2 X 10. Similar to Turkmen weavings. Also, note both dragon's heads comprising S-shaped throughout the tree trunk show eyes. This splendid Timuri weaving shows a velvety pile in organic condition, including four cord brown goat hair selvage, six colors. One is the madder red from aged to a coppery patina. Azadi's plate 41 is the most complete rug in his excellent book.