• 3'4" X 10'5" Antique Caucasian Dagestan Runner [TAK0024]

    Collector's Notes

    This stunning antique Caucasian Dagestan rug was woven in the mid 19th Century. Features a honeycomb lattice design enclosing intricately woven and colorful shrub and flower motifs flanked by an ivory border with hexagonal lozenges. It exhibits curvature to field and unequal minor borders, hallmarks of a tribal weaving. Some field motifs appear three dimensional and the coloration is brilliant and deeply saturated. Beautiful floor rug.

    Age: Circa 1850-1875
    Origin: Caucasian
    Style: Dagestan (Daghestan)
    Dimensions:3'4" X 10'5"

    Condition: Excellent condition with full even pile height. One dime sized repair. Re-selvaged. Fully secured sides and ends.
    Color Palette:9 colors including red, purple, blue, salmon, white

    Composition: 100% wool
    Reference: Ian Bennett - Oriental Rugs Vol. 1. Caucasian, pg 309 - Rug# 409 


    One of a kind antique rug, handwoven and handknotted.

    Carefully cleaned by hand using our proprietary technique with organic and natural supplies.