• 3'3" X 4'9" Antique Mushwani Tribal Rug [TAK0021]


    Collector's Notes

    Antique Mushwani Prayer Rug. The Mushwani/Mashwani group weaved this tribal rug in the last quarter of the 19th century. The center displays three stacked radiating stepped diamonds with latch hooks on a deep blue background traced by the 'running dog' style minor border. The hand panels on both sides of the prayer niche are filled with fine stylized tree elements. Great as a floor rug or as a wall hanging.

    Age: Circa 1875-1900
    Origin: Afghanistan
    Style: Mushwani/Mashwani Group
    Dimensions: 3'3" X 4'9"

    Condition: Great condition with even wear to knot heads. Still has great pile height considering age. Original kilim ends and selvage. Repaired slits at the top and bottom right corners.
    Color Palette: Red, brown, blue, blue-green, salmon, ivory

    Composition: 100% wool 


    One-of-a-kind antique rug, handwoven and hand-knotted.

    Carefully cleaned by hand using our proprietary technique with organic and natural supplies.