• 1'5" X 1'6" Antique Persian Bakhtiari Bag Square Rug [TAK0058]

    Collector's Notes

    This antique Bakhtiari small square rug was originally woven in the early 20th Century in Southwest Persia. Its original purpose was utilitarian being used as a bag to transport salt and other items. Two dates were woven into the field, see pictures. Opposing bird head border encloses field of horned birds surrounding a totem tree of six diamond motifs with perched bird heads. Great accenting wall hanging piece.

    Age: Circa 1900
    Origin: South Persia
    Style: Bakhtiari
    1'5" X 1'6"
    Condition: Good condition with scattered distressed field. Secured sides and ends. Fully intact flatwoven back and hanging tassel.
    Color Palette: 8 colors including ivory, red, blue, golden yellow and brown

    Composition: 100% wool

    One of a kind antique rug, handwoven and handknotted.

    Carefully cleaned by hand using our proprietary technique with organic and natural supplies.