• Khamseh Three Medallion Bird Rug [SH-337]

    Most published rugs of this type. Depict birds pecking in pairs along the length of a tree trunk. Most medallion outlines are serrated with protruding arms arrow tipped. The rug is a good study piece. the medallion sides stepped are continuous bird heads with eyes. Zoom in to see a second reciprocal stepped head with eyes in an opposite direction. Purple in color. The next row in is a third set of heads curving in arrow-like emanating from above the arrowhead. A mid-blue tree truck grows from a pair of curved bird heads.  The vertical rows of alternating birds are the tree. Their wings become three branches, twin rows, flank the central truck all on a blue-green ground. A pair of ribbon and striped ivory minor border. Enclosed are a boteh box and flower main border. A 6 X 6 inner ivory arrow-tipped frame in all this fowl activity that appears lively and balanced. Note green heads originally destined as bird heads are dragons with both eye and ivory tongues. Very good condition. Hand washed. The closest example to view is Plate 28 flowers of the desert, John J. Collins, Jr.