• 6’11" X 8’2" 19th Century Ersari Main Carpet [RR-0042]

    Antique Ersari Nomadic Main Carpet. Mid 19th Century. 15 large octagonal guls in blue and orange float on glowing madder red field. Star tipped diamond gols within main gul are also woven as secondary gols that create a diagonal pattern. This secondary gol is also found on Plate #55 in Turkmen Carpets from the Weidersperg Collection — (Described as Early). Also note different renditions of dragons in octagonal guls, some with a horned crest. a rare feature with no known analogies is the main border clearly of Beshir origin. The stepped diamond alternates in indigo and madder brown compartments. (See Plate 74, Weidersperg). The blending of Beshir border and the Ersari field presents a tribal blending from the Amu Darya region. The seven saturated colors of lustrous wool and the diminutive size of this main carpet create a nomadic treasure. Great condition considering age with localized areas of wear to field and nicks to selvage. Delicately hand washed. 6’11 X 8’2.