• 3’8” X 1’10” 19th Century Shahsavan Bagface [RR-0057]

    A pair of early Shahsavan Khorjin bag faces sewn together. Woven in the Bijar area by the Khamseh. 1st Quarter 19th Century. 9 saturated colors that include green and purple. 3’8” x 1’10”. Delicately hand washed. See Shahsavan by Tanavoli. Fig. 28, illustrates a motif seen on our saturated saffron border. The dragon center shows a rare quilted diamond versus the more common cross. See Tribal Rugs by Jenny Housego, Plate 33. Shows a quilted dragon motif attributed also Khamseh. Please note the finely woven zoomorphic multi-headed creature exhibited in the octagons in center panels.