• 4’6” X 7’ Antique Afghan Charshango Rug [RR-0098]

    Antique Afghan Charshango Rug. First Quarter 20th Century. Northern Afghanistan. Two and three quarter octagonal guls dominate the rich madder red field. a rosette minor border flank ‘Ashik’ main border. Rosettes are sometimes found in early ’chemche’ gol centers. Possibly Aqchah. 4 colors. 4’6” X 7’0”. Excellent condition with soft, lustrous wool. All original sides and kilim ends. Delicately hand washed. In ‘The Turkoman Carpet’ by George w. O’Bannon, he states that the Charshango were a sub-tribe of the Salor and then the Ersari. Charshango rugs are rare. 
Compare our rug to the one illustrated on Pg. 133, 'The Turkoman Carpet'.