• 3’9” X 2’4” 19th Century Timuri Prayer Rug [RR-0111]

    A rare and spectacularly colored Timuri Prayer Rug dating to the Mid 19th Century. Please note the use of color, specifically steel blue, peach, and purple. The honeycomb field is enclosed by a powerful trefoil border. The main border of serrated interlocking motifs could represent mountains or pine trees. The tree theme is present in the top prayer niche. Also in the hand panels, intricately woven brocaded kilim ends show opposing color and design. a masterful touch to a small early prayer rug worthy of a tribal Khan. 10 colors. Excellent condition with full soft and silky pile (except 3 small areas of early mothing — pile only). Four cord goat hair selvage. 3’9” X 2’4”. Delicately hand washed. Provenance Sotheby’s ny, 1987.