• 6’8” X 3’4” Antique Maadan Baluch Long Rug [RR-0114]

    Antique Maadan Baluch Long Rug. Northeast Persia, Khorasan. This finely woven brown field offers a captivating inner border of rams. The central tribal design patterns are seen enclosed by 9 intricate borders. 4 cord selvage and original flatwoven ends. Great condition. 8 saturated, all natural colors. 6’8” X 3’4”. Delicately hand washed. A similar example can be found on page 156 of Teppiche in der Belutsch-Tradition by Azadi. It exhibits a ram border within a red field. A second example with flatwoven skirts can be seen in Mythos & Mystic, Book 4 by Adil Besim which he refers to as a Maadan Baluch rug.