• 6’ X 4’3” Antique Early Afshar Rug [RR-0132]

    Early Afshar Rug. 2nd Half 19th Century. Two stepped medallions enclose bird head diamonds. In visiting this rug note the saturated colors: Rare light blue, strong green and a rose madder field. All surrounded by a powerful and rare border. (see ‘Tribal Rugs’, by: James Opie, pg. 216). Tribal elements woven amongst the field including a man and woman to left and right bottom field. Great condition considering age. Original four sides. Kilim ends. 7 colors. 6’0” X 4’3”. Delicately hand washed. The appearance of a man and a woman in a tribal South Persian rug was suggested by John j. Collins Jr. its use was a wedding rug. See ‘Flowers of the Desert’, plate 35. For similar comparison, please see ‘Flowers of the Desert’, by: John j. Collins, Jr. plate 34: Afshar c.1880.