• 4’3” X 2’7” 19th Century Antique Baluch Rug [RR-0150]

    Antique Baluch Rug. 2nd half 19th Century.  Arab Ferdows, Khorasan. Ashik Aksu diamond design on camel field. Distinct variation appears on this piece when compared to three examples we reference to. Baluch Traditions, Azadi Pg. 204, Plate 59 shows identical outer border and a rug showing similar coloration. Moving inward our example shows tree trunks with serrations. Hooked bird heads are spaced off trunk with no ivory box and bird form show distinct shapes. Back of rug is smooth and front pile is saturated wool. 6 colors. Delicately hand washed. 4'3" X 2’7”. 

    For comparison, view Baluch Traditions Pg. 204, Plate 59; also view Tribal Rugs: Treasures of the Black Tent, Brian W. Macdonald Pg. 101, Plate 61.