• 5'10" X 7'6" Tekke Turkmen Main Carpet Fragment [RR-0157]

    Tekke Turkmen Main Carpet fragment. etg Carpet, Group etii (originally 10 X 5 gols), early 19th Century or before. This rare carpet exhibits early Tekke design features put forth by Dr. David m. Reuben in his books Gols and Guls i & ii. Features shown here appear in Gols and Guls ii, pg. 6 and coincide with figures 1b to 5b Early Tekke Gol (etg) specifics. Note the following early features: the absence of any secondary border ornaments yields powerful and archaic rayed guls. Next, large secondary Chemche guls show rosettes in center and are not connected vertically. For similar example see: Hali Issue 145, “Tekke Main Carpets,” David m. Reuben, pg. 70, #2. The deep burgundy color lends itself to a specific region. Reuben mentions the few early Tekke Main carpets with knotted piled elems, this is of that group. Condition: Very good considering age. 6 colors. 70 X 90in. Delicately hand washed. por See: Turkoman Studies i, Robert Pinner, pg. 106.