• 6'2" X 2'6" Early Salar Khani Baluch [RR-0190]

    Early Salar Khani Baluch. Khorasan, Torbat-e Haidari, NE Persia. Mid 19th Century. 8 white outlined sawtooth medallions enclose smaller central gols that grow in size in ascending order. White ribbon main border is flanked by two opposed rows of bird motifs. Left selvage loss. 5 colors. 74 X 30. Clean and hand washed. For comparable examples, see “Carpets in the Baluch Tradition” by: Siawosch Azadi, Plates 28-29, pg. 143-144. “For the specialists of Mashad, the Salar Khani are the most desirable of Baluch Rugs.” - Siawosch Azadi. pg. 140.