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    10'7" X 4'4" Anatolian Aleppo Kilim [RR-0194]

    South-east Anatolian Aleppo Kilim. Circa Early. Rare turquoise blue field + old purple. Rare enough to enter a Museum Collection as it is the second known example based on field color and border end designs. 11 colors. 127 x 52. Supported in few areas with expert backing. Clean and hand washed. Yanni Pestopolous states in his book, Kilims, Flat-woven Tapestry Rugs: “The unusual composition of a plain, undecorated field in the color blue is rare, with only one known example.” Note, our piece, does not have the typical borders as depicted in Plate 198-201. Our piece would make number two of this known color Aleppo Kilim with similar end borders illustrated on Plate 191.