• 5'2" X 3'7" Sarouk Rug [144]

    Antique Balkan Kilim. Oldest known Bakamsky or Garabalda design occurs on this type of Balkan Kilim. Woven in the vicinity of Chiprovtsy NW Bulgaria. Documented known design is 18th Century. Our early example, features two spacious borders that enclose a radiating medallion with a strong green throughout. Few ancient tiny repairs. Original four sides. Museum quality. 5'2"x 7'8". 4 colors. Delicately hand washed. Please reference r. John Howe discussion With Hays and Swan touching on Balkan Kilims (T5). See Sotheby’s ny Oct 31, 1997. Lot 141. “a Balkan Kilim." Hammer Price: $7,475.