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    3'3" X 6'3" Antique Anatolian Turkish Yoruk Rug [SH-021]

    Collector's Notes

    Antique Turkish Yoruk rug. This rug was woven in Southeastern Anatolia (the heart of the Ottoman Empire) in the second half of the 19th century. Features three archaic ivory outlined hexagonal medallions floating on deep cochineal field, framed by gorgeous floral border. Colors are saturated. The wool is silky soft and lustrous in most areas, and the handle is pelt-like. (Yuruk/Yoruk means "nomad" in Turkish). Decorative distressed floor rug or great wall hanging.

    Age: Circa 1850-1875
    Origin: Turkey (Anatolia)
    Style: Yoruk, Gaziantep
    Dimensions: 3'3" X 6'3"

    Condition: Good condition with full pile in areas and localized area of wear. Some foundation showing around center medallion with two holes. Knicks to both selvages (sides).
    Color Palette: 7 colors including red, cochineal, ivory, apricot, brown

    Composition: 100% wool 
    Reference: For similar comparison, see William Eagleton's book: "An Introduction to Kurdish Rugs and other Weavings," on page 132. Eagleton states: "White borders are the most attractive, are the rarest of these pieces."


    One of a kind antique rug, handwoven and handknotted.

    Carefully cleaned by hand using our proprietary technique with organic and natural supplies.